Version 2Cole Haufner is a rising superstar in the professional mixed martial arts world. At the peak of his success, Cole suffers a horrible personal tragedy. His grief grows further when his brother, Butch, a Delta Force team leader, goes missing during a mission. Desperate to find Butch, Cole’s search for his brother takes him back to his childhood home in southeastern China and the Shaolin Temple where he was raised by his uncle, Master Li.

When Cole meets his brother’s Delta teammate, codename Hammer, Cole’s fame and personal agenda collide with the Delta unit’s recovery mission of a stolen twenty-year-old invention that could transform the human race; one that could also see its downfall, if the pursuing North Korean agents can find it first. Cole’s personal spiral downward approaches madness as a family secret is revealed to him, one that could force him to choose between his brother and one of the most important, and potentially deadliest, discoveries in modern human history.