Losing control of your site

It’s been awhile.
I’ve been struggling for control of my domain and, therefore, it’s been damned impossible to continue communicating with everyone visiting here. It appears the DNC isn’t the only target for unscrupulous people. What makes it doubly frustrating is this type of activity is so prevalent and law enforcement basically shrugs their collective shoulders with no ability or interest in helping — especially when it’s an overseas actor. Here’s one man’s struggle from WIRED magazine.

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

Once I determined I no longer had control over my website, my thoughts turned to my book’s world-class computer hacker, Lilly. Was it prophetic she was created prior to my troubles? What I wouldn’t have given to make her real, and then unleash her talents on the entity making my life miserable. Since I’m no expert in the field, wishes are the only thing I had. Months later, and more than a few grey hairs popping up, I finally have a semblance of a return to semi-normal.

The big lesson for me is that, despite best efforts, this type of nefarious activity can happen to anyone. I can only imagine what others must go through when their personal identity is stolen. That hopeless feeling turns into a rage with a whispy ghost as your only target. Millions of people worldwide fall victim to this sort of thing and with the internet connecting us more and more, the opportunity for some to prey on victims grows every day.

On a brighter note, my full manuscript is in the hands of several agents who have shown interest in my partials. I’m hard at work on my next book and hopeful that 2017 is the breakout year.

Keep those computers updated and protected, and hope that some evil-doer doesn’t take can interest in you.
May your Holidays be joyous!


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